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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Secret Trail Update!

Today work is all done by Uncle Bully(ultimate power & engineering of the trail), Ober(kaki blur sewaktu penat), Bob(buruh kasar indo), Izan(test rider) & little helps from 3 more guys(bought us the drinks+buns, paku) :D Hahaha.

Total change of the 1st section. The drop became a wallride. Haha. But a non-usable wallride though. HIASAN SEMATA-MATA! Haha. Jangan gatal korang nak ride situ. Patah riuk nanti.

Haha. Sorry gambar not so clear! Camera phone of course! :P

And here are the videos for the test riding. Hehe.

This is the starting point of the 1st section. Oh yes, FUCKING STEEP shit with a root in the middle. Haha.

The S-Section for 1st section after the steep shit.

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