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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jersey anyone??

**Salam all Anti-G riders...Bro Tomi ada buat jersey custom...menarik gak kalau kita ada jersey sendirik...leh design ikut yg mana kita probnye minimum kena 3 pieces n rega selai RM180...mati katak kena langgar tayar beskal kalau nak murah kena buat byk helai just cadangan...kalau ramai nak leh mcm kat bawah ni...

Custom Jersey are now available!

High quality of sublimation jersey, available in XC or Downhill design. As minimum as 3 pcs! Call us for more details: tomi 0174665278


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New bridge. Tak siap pun. Haha.

Well, we've made a bridge to connect between section one & section two. It's just a quick bridge. Not really done. Not enough of nails. Haha. Silly me. And we need to add legs to the bridge to add stability. Workers for the day are Ober & Dinrax.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Secret Trail Update!

Today work is all done by Uncle Bully(ultimate power & engineering of the trail), Ober(kaki blur sewaktu penat), Bob(buruh kasar indo), Izan(test rider) & little helps from 3 more guys(bought us the drinks+buns, paku) :D Hahaha.

Total change of the 1st section. The drop became a wallride. Haha. But a non-usable wallride though. HIASAN SEMATA-MATA! Haha. Jangan gatal korang nak ride situ. Patah riuk nanti.

Haha. Sorry gambar not so clear! Camera phone of course! :P

And here are the videos for the test riding. Hehe.

This is the starting point of the 1st section. Oh yes, FUCKING STEEP shit with a root in the middle. Haha.

The S-Section for 1st section after the steep shit.

Konakamezou ride report! Kuantan Enduro DH!

Kuantan Enduro Downhill 2009
Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan
Pahang, Malaysia
18-19 April 2009

Assalamualikum everbody!!
holaa! its been quite a long time again!
sorry for the report delayed...
my pc got struck by lightning!! kuso~

after 2 weeks, here is my race report about kuantan downhill..
to summarize the whole thing, i would say it was
best+sengal+pain+fak+new+superb trail+pancet = kuantan downhill 09

17 April 2009 

lucky me to get a 5 off-day from work after my plant undergo delayed on planned outage..
my mum and dad decided to tag along during this trip.. they consider it as a family vacationlah since masa gi kuching ari tu aku xdpt nak ikut..
depart from my home town at 1000 am and arrive at teluk cempedak at 200 pm
after check in at swiss garden.. me and my bro decide to try the trail, try sikit2... untuk seeding esok..
sampai sana spotted the wall ride and finish gap..
it was 2.4km race from half to top of bukit pelindung..
they say to get to the starting kene naek pakai lori ikut jalan laen.. since gue xtau.. gue ikut je la trail tu... here is some pic..

my bro, lek2 nanti kiter wat team kiter sendiri ye~

omg~ the root garden

the wall ride

18 April 2009

Seeding schedule is surpose to start at 2pm.. meaning all rider dah ader kat atas...
tapi! kul 3pm gue dan orang laen still kat bawah... apa ni organizer!! dah la gue datang dari kul 11pg td... klu ikutkan ada yang dtg dari kul 8am td!!! haih~
kul 4pm baru rider start turun...
arrive at starting point i have to wait another 2 hours for my turn.. adeh~
not to mention other rider yang kene tunggu ag lamer~
gap between rider? 2 f**king minutes~
suda gelap dah kat atas neh... sep baek line celcom ader.. dapat le melepaskan bosan telepon sumer orang yang aku kenal..

6pm.. my turn.. mak aih~ pancet plak!! downhill yang ada climb... sampai gue kadang2 kene turun tolak aje.. hahaha
but... gue jatuh... i mean, badly crash... injured my shoulder.. swelling badddd~ fak...
making me finish 22 out of 36 rider with 11:55 min... huhuhu
balik gi klinik doc kate xder patah or retak.. dier menasihatkan gue jangan buat aktivit lasak selama sebulan.. huhuhu
akibat kebosanan mennuggu.. gue pun maen2 kat wall ride
(pic courtesy from FakawiTribe)

the river gap
(pic courtesy from FakawiTribe)



daddy~ ape tah bincang.. cam serius jer.. gue rasa abah gue nak maen downhill gak kot.. tanyer basikal aper paling mahal dier nak beli..

uncle bully~ (ROAM)

19 April 2009

Pagi2 ag gue dah pening pikir nak maen ke tak...
tapi since dah sampai kan... dah la jauh!! maen je lah... telan 2 pain killer an hour b4 race.. gue pun mengayuh dengan berani...
this time it was nice, all according to schedule.. but there's another 1 problem...
crowd control... gue kene menjerit "rider" and "move" berkali2 menyuruh orang ramai kat tepi sebab gue nak lalu.. where's the marshall? tgh sms ngan makwe kat tepi.. lu orang marshall klu gue tahu dah lama gue amek telepon lu gue lenyek pakai tayar basikal gue...

final run it was smooth.. manage to improve my time to 9:33 putting my at 12 place..
oklah for my personal record with an injured shoulder... enjoy the picture~

this time its 234..

cantek kan outfit badut gue.. macam setan~

my desperately-need-to-change-crankshaft

gue nak beskal nie.. huhuuuu

what did i say about crowd? bongok nyer budak.. xnmpak ke?

my run

BC rider... macam team paintball je aku tgk mula2 tp smart..

our overall champion... 6:26min... pantas2


my suppoters~ fan club... hehehe

thats all folks~

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Pic courtesy from

Kuantan DH Enduro 2009 will be introducing Hafiz with his Miss Norco to represent as Anti-Gravity Rider. :) Good luck mate! And thanks that you want to represent Anti-Gravity for this Kuantan DH rider. Godspeed! We will wait for your pics and ride report!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mighty "Morphine" Power Ranger...

It's arrived...go go power ranger!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Secret Trail 2.

This is the continuation of the last week's trail. Build by Bob, Duan, Ober & Kalid. Cheers!
Starting point view.
Starting of the trail.
Go through here.
High speed into gap.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unknown secret training place


This is a collaboration trail with Art of downhill (Duan). :D

Location will not be told until the trail is finish! :)

Here are some pics.

Drop in the making.


Voila! It's done!

Looks sweet eh?

As deep as half of Duan's body!

Drop to receiver.

The gap.

Trail after drop.

A berm in the making.

Berm area.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Harian Metro 15th March 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Congrat to Hezri...

Insane 90 degree???
(picture by Toyol Pemalu)

Winner drop

On behalf of all team members...we would like to congrat our best rider Mr. Hezri for taking part in Bukit Cermin 3rd Down Hill Challenge 09 and won the 3rd place in Hard tail category...well done!!

The beginning....

Bukit Cermin 2nd Down Hill Challenge 08...

The leader...Ober got himself 4th place in Hardtail...

Mr. Hezri was the 1st runner up...also in Hardtail...